Case Study: Block Island

Site: Block Island, USA

Scope: Installation

WTG: 5 x GE Haliade 150-6MW

Client: GE Renewable Energy

Keeping pace in the rapidly evolving wind industry is the result of building competencies and developing key relationships over time – the historic installation of Block Island Wind Farm by Global Wind Service (GWS) was a result of such efforts.

First offshore wind project in U.S.

In only 19 days and well ahead of schedule GWS technicians installed the five GE Haliade 150-6MW turbines comprising Block Island offshore wind farm – the first offshore project in U.S. wind history.

GWS’s success was built on thorough planning, project management and assigning the right teams of technicians.

The close collaboration with our related company Fred. Olsen Windcarrier also contributed significantly to the safe and efficient completion of the project.

“We are extremely proud to have been part of this historic first offshore wind project in the U.S. and to have been a part of bringing offshore wind to the U.S. Looking ahead, we see great future opportunities for the offshore wind industry in the country, and are looking forward to be working on more projects”

said Michael Høj Olsen, Chief Commercial Officer at GWS.

Building on experience

Installing the Block Island offshore wind farm was part of a journey with GE Renewable Energy towards mutual success. Prior to Block Island, GWS had already worked with the Haliade turbine on other occasions.

In 2013 GWS and Fred. Olsen Windcarrier installed the Haliade demonstrator at the Belwind test site in the North Sea. Following which, GWS was awarded the full crane and installation scope for the test turbine at Østerild, an onshore test centre in Denmark, in 2016.

Working on these projects grew the extensive experience and knowledge required for this landmark project.

The Project

Deepwater Wind’s Block Island Offshore Wind Farm is located 4.8km (3 miles) south-east of Block Island, Rhode Island in the Atlantic Ocean.

The 30MW wind farm began commercial operations in December 2016 and now supply Rhode Island with clean energy.

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