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DELPRO Wind, the joint venture company of Global Wind Service (GWS) and DELPRO, was recently awarded a contract by Siemens Gamesa to deliver medium voltage commissioning for half of the Siemens Gamesa’s onshore wind turbine fleet in Germany throughout 2017.

Prior to the awarded contract, DELPRO Wind had just completed two onshore projects for Siemens Gamesa, most recently in Naundorf and Nordmentzhausen, and based on the high quality and high degree of flexibility delivered during these projects, Siemens Gamesa chose DELPRO Wind as a close commissioning partner for a larger part of their fleet in Germany.

“We are extremely proud of this contract and look forward to team up with Siemens Gamesa on a more regular basis during the rest of 2017. Our highly skilled technicians are the backbone of our service and the primary reason why we are able to deliver at such a high level each and every time. During the previous projects for Siemens Gamesa, the technicians were ready to take on the task at a very short notice, and upon completion they showed an excellent quality in their work,” said CEO of DELPRO Wind, Jacob Rath.