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 On Thursday 3 August, Global Wind Service (GWS) successfully completed the second installation project in Germany for Enercon.

GWS was contracted by Enercon to install three E-115 3MW turbines at ‘Twistringen-Borwede’ wind farm in Niedersachsen, Germany. The experienced GWS technicians have completed the installation of the turbines today and once the full wind farm, consisting of seven turbines, is in operation, it will provide around 17,400 households with approx. 61 million kWh of green energy.

“We are pleased to expand our customer portfolio with a company such as Enercon. This award gave us the chance to work with a new platform and hereby keep developing our expertise, knowhow and business services in line with our growth strategy,” said CCO Michael Høj Olsen, Global Wind Service.

GWS signed its first contract with Enercon in April 2017, taking on part of the installation scope at ‘Windpark Rechenberg’ in Germany. A full team of GWS technicians installed two out of the three E-115 3MW turbines at the site. The wind farm covers an energy demand of around 5,000 households.