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At the end of June, experienced Global Wind Service (GWS) technicians installed the 54th and final wind turbine at Clyde Extension in Scotland. GWS was hired by Siemens to carry out preassembly work, main installation, mechanical and electrical completion, cold commissioning as well as 500 hours service. The last GWS technicians will finish at the site at the end of September.

“The weather has been challenging at times, we have faced a lot of strong winds, with speeds up to 35 metres per second,” said Lead Site Manager, Michael Bialaska. “The installation was completed successfully due to our focus on health and safety and our skilled and dedicated technicians.”

Clyde is the third largest onshore wind farm in Europe, and now consists of 206 wind turbines with a capacity of approximately 520 MW – supplying over 240,000 households with renewable energy once in full operation.