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At the end of 2016, Global Wind Service (GWS) technicians began installing 10 Nordex wind turbines in a strong-wind region near Athens, Greece: three N100/3300 Delta R75 and two N90/2500 Gamma R80 in Plagia Psiloma as well as five N100/3300 Delta R75 in Mougoulis.

It was expected to be “business as usual”, but instead the technicians faced difficult weather conditions with a lot of snow – something which is very uncommon for this area, just an hour outside Athens.

However, despite the somewhat rough and unusual weather, the 12 experienced GWS technicians have now finished the installation – including the high voltage work which was also delivered by GWS and DELPRO’s  joint venture company DELPRO Wind.

Once the two wind farms are complete, they will supply around 34,000 Greek households with power.