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Earlier this week a group of 26 companies from the wind industry, including Global Wind Service, kicked off phase II of the EUDP project: CORTIR. Phase II of the CORTIR project will focus on structural blade issues with blades that are more than 60 metres long.

“It is an honor and a pleasure to be selected as the active partner again in yet another research project. This shows our clients’ trust in our capability of handling complex tasks. It also aligns very well with our strategy of developing our competence and staying updated on the latest blade repair technology.  

Furthermore, it comes as a great synergy with our newly established Global Wind Service Academy, which will be used for all kinds of blade repair trainings, as a workshop for exactly this type of project and more. I am really looking forward to seeing this journey unfold” said Yu-Huan Lin, Technical Project Manager at Global Wind Service.

Yu-Huan will be leading the project and all deliverables from Global Wind Service. CORTIR Phase II will run throughout the rest of 2021 and in 2022.

It is not the first time Global Wind Service has taken part in research projects, most recently we were part of CORTIR Phase I. Read more about the project here


About the project:

In short, in technical terms, the issue is a debonding of the shear web from the load-carrying spar caps in the root-transition zone meaning that a blade with this type of failure will have a higher risk of a collapsed blade (source Bladena).

A group of 26 partners in total comprised by; 15 WTOs, 5 ISPs, 1 Insurance company, 2 Universities, 1 OEM and 1 R&D companies, will join forces to develop a new software tool (New Innovative Filed Inspection Strategy, NIFIS) and retrofit repair solution (Root-Transition Zone, RTZ).

As the selected active ISP partner, Global Wind Service will be contributing to the work packages related to product development of RTZ Solution and multi-scale testing, as well as leading the work package of field measurement and demonstration.

For further information please visit,, and/or contact CORTIR Project Manager CTO Find Mølholt Jensen +45 53700276

A great to the Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Program (EUDP), which is administered by the Danish Energy Agency (EUDP-program) for funding the CORTIR Phase 2 project.