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The Global Wind Service blade maintenance teams are looking at another exciting season which is taking us across Europe, Australia and the U.S. to support our customers.

GWS has increased the team of highly skilled blade technicians to count more than 100 technicians to meet the growing maintenance needs in the marked for the coming season.

“We are experiencing a considerable increase in demand for our blade services, which also seems to be a more general trend in the market. Our clients are now becoming more aware about the importance of blade maintenance and preventive actions to secure wind turbine performance and lifespan. With our vast experience and competences within the field, together with our recent investments in our blade department, we are very pleased to continue our strong blade support to the clients” said Lars Bo Petersen, Chief Commercial Officer at Global Wind Service.

Our blade technicians have a long track record of working both onshore and offshore, and using the access methods which is the most efficient for the given task; rope, platform or by jack-up vessels.

As announced in early January GWS is part of the CORTIR project – a project supported by EUDP with the goal of ultimately reducing the O&M costs of wind turbine blades. Read more about the project in your press release from January 3rd here.