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Global Wind Service office in Carrollton, Texas

Following the increased demand for wind turbine installation and maintenance services in the U.S. Global Wind Service (GWS) is now expanding and strengthening our local set-up in the country. This to secure a stable progress in our current and coming projects and ensure a continuous high performance and quality of our work.

As part of our international growth strategy GWS established a local business unit in 2017 with office and warehouse facilities in Carrollton, Texas. GWS is now looking for a local Contract Manager, HR Specialist, Financial Controller, Warehouse Coordinator and a Senior Project manager for our back office. In addition to this we are also looking for local technicians to work on ongoing and upcoming projects throughout the continent. They will join an expanding team of around 150 technicians.

“Ever since the establishment of our U.S. Business unit we have working hard on our strategy secure projects directly with the OEMs like we understand it from the European Market. Now this strategy really bears fruit and we have secured a stable and growing pipeline. This enables us to increase our footprint and expand our local workforce, which ultimately has a positive effect also on the communities in which we operate”, said Michael Nielsen, President at Global Wind Service, U.S.

Global Wind Service has worked on several onshore projects in the U.S. over the years, among these Bearkat and India Mesa, but we also installed the only offshore wind farm in the country in 2016 – Block Island.