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Global Wind Service (GWS) is very proud to announce their heaviest ever lift. The operation which took place on the Belwind project was to lift in to position the jacket foundation which will hold the new Halaide 150-6MW offshore wind turbine from Alstom. The jacket weighed in at approximately 1,000 tonnes and is positioned in the North Sea of the coast of Zeebrugge in Belgium.

GWS are currently mobilising for the turbine installation phase of the project which will begin in earnest.

“This is a great achievement for GWS and our technicians. Lifting and positioning 1,000 tonnes in the North Sea is a serious undertaking and we are very pleased with the performance of all our technicians” said Lars Petersen (GWS CEO).

The Belwind wind farm is 46 km off the coast of Zeebrugge on the Bligh Bank. It is the furthest offshore wind farm and therefore cannot be seen from land. A section of its phase 2 concession has been made available to serve as a testing site and laboratory for companies who are willing to invest in R&D and who have shown a dedication to establish themselves in the world of offshore wind energy, to test their latest technologies in real conditions.