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From April 2016, Global Wind Service (GWS) will undertake a new and exciting installation of a Haliade 150 offshore wind turbine prototype at the National Test Center for Large Wind Turbines in Osterild, Denmark. Together with BMS Heavy Cranes and their giant LR 11350 crane, with power boom and a 160 ton crawler, GWS have been given the opportunity to further expand their knowledge within the technological platform of GE and therefore will be well prepared for future GE offshore projects.

GE Project Manager Elsa-Laure Rondeleux said “GWS has been awarded the Installation contract for our Osterild project based on the good experience we had with this company at the Belwind project in 2013. GWS was able to propose a full package for installation and manpower with crane partner BMS. This project is aim to be good training for further collaboration, notably for GE’s next project: Block Island in the US.”

A full installation team from GWS and a group of BMS crane operators will be responsible for full crane and installation scope including lifting supervision and mechanical and electrical installation.

“GWS have previously worked with the Haliade 150 turbine in 2013 at the Belwind site together with our related company Fred. Olsen Windcarrier. We look forward to working with this turbine again and to strengthening our relationship with GE even further,” said GWS Chief Commercial Officer, Michael Olsen.