A Wealth of Possibilities in a Multicultural Organisation

We are extremely proud of our loyal, committed, and talented employees. We have over 30 different nationalities working for Global Wind Service all over the world. 

We have a variety of different positions ranging from office positions like Project Managers, Accountants, HR specialists, Sales Managers etc. to field positions as Technicians, Site Managers, Installation Leads, HSEQ field officers and much more. 

For us, it's all about the people! Having the right team with the desired skills, knowledge and attitude.


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Meet our colleagues

Meet a some of the great people who contribute each day to the success of Global Wind Service and get to know more about us and some of our positions.... Who knows, perhaps these people are your future colleagues? 

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Ricardo Alves

Technician, Installation Lead

Ricardo is working as an Installation Lead and has been with Global Wind Service since 2012. Working with technical tasks is natural for him as he is also a trained car mechanic and spends his free time on fixing cars. In his job as an Installation Lead he is responsible for installation of the turbines at the site where he is working.

“I love taking the lead on a project. In this way I can ensure that we deliver top quality work for our clients. What I really like about Global Wind Service besides my colleagues is the professionalism and commitment to be the best supplier of manpower for the industry. Also, the strong focus on safety and the whole safety culture within Global Wind Service makes a difference for me – we are working with really big components and we all just want to come home to our loved ones safely at the end of the day.”


Arnold van Drie

Project Manager, The Netherlands

Arnold been working as project manager in our Dutch office since 2016. Together with the rest of his project team, he is managing project execution from start to finish. This includes setting the right team, making HSE plans, having ongoing client meetings and securing project progress in a safe and efficient manner.

“I really like the diversity in my job – no days are the same. It’s a true pleasure to be able to work both in the office and go site to talk to the guys. For me the interaction with colleagues is one of the things I value the most in my job. We have strong relations and a very friendly culture – the company takes care of you and people take care of each other.”

When Arnold isn’t working, he likes to spend time with his family, riding the bike together with his wife and daughter for example. Also, he plays soccer on Sundays with the same team for 13 years now – impressive Arnold!


Tània Cisteró Jurado

Rope access technician

Tània has been working for Global Wind Service since 2018, doing mainly offshore blade repairs on wind turbines. Enjoying the views and feeling the freedom when hanging in the ropes, Tània is aware of the importance of safety:

“The best thing about Global Wind Service is that they are continuously and proactively improving safety, so I can feel confident in a professional and safe environment, when I do my job. Personally, I also really like to travel and meet new people and cultures, and Global Wind Service has a lot of different projects around the world, so it allows me to see a lot of places.”

Besides seeing new countries at work, Tània also likes to travel in her spare time; exploring new places and new adventures combined with her interest in speleology – the study of caves.

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Lukasz Lenczewski

Tools & Warehouse Team Lead, Poland

Lukasz joined Global Wind Service (GWS) in 2016 and is working as a Tools & Warehouse Team Lead in Poland. In his job, he coordinates work in the polish warehouse and helps ensure that our technicians are always well equipped in terms of PPE for their projects. This includes coordination with the project managers, site and other departments. He also helps the guys with inspections at site.

“what I really like about my job is that no days are the same. I like to get my hands dirty and that I feel physically tired after a day at work. We are always extremely busy and often work under time pressure, but that is just how I like it. And the feeling when you successfully complete your tasks is just amazing. The best thing about having GWS as my employer is that we all take responsibility and help each other out. People support you and have your back.  Nothing is impossible at GWS and we never compromise on quality. We all work towards the same goal and it becomes more than just a job.”

When Lukasz doesn’t work, he spends most of his time with his 2-year old son Dominik. They play, explore the world around them and have fun – “he is the greatest pleasure of my life”. But despite the time consuming and rather demanding job as a father, Lukasz still manages to find time for sports, fishing, relaxing or going to the movies.

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Frank Fischer Brøgger

Site Manager

Frank joined Global Wind Service in 2016. His typical work day starts at 06:30 prepping for the toolbox meeting to kick off the day’s work. The rest of the day goes with planning, communication with the team and other involved parties and making sure things run as planned, in a safe and efficient manner. The diversity and responsibility are what makes his job so interesting – not two days are the same at site.

“What I really like about Global Wind Service as an employer is the focus on people and safety, which is not given in our industry. Also, the level of involvement from management and our CEO not least – that is unprecedented.”

In his spare time Frank likes to do some sightseeing in the area in which he is working, when he is not skyping with his family or cooking on Sundays.


Villy Simonsen


Villy joined Global Wind Service in 2009 but has been working in wind industry since 2002, where he was working as welder making Vestas turbine towers for Horns Rev 1. Now, all these years later, Villy is still working with Horns Rev 1 turbines, but now as an offshore technician where he heads to Horns Rev 1 early in the morning and sails back to Esbjerg and finishes his workday around 18 pm.

“It is really exciting working for GWS because there is always something new happening, the company is constantly growing, and the management is investing in the future. But the best thing about Global Wind Service is my fantastic colleagues and to see their passion for the job.”

During winter – after a long season at sea and in all types of weather – Villy usually takes a long and well-deserved vacation in sunny Thailand, where he and his family has a house, and he can recharge for a new season.

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