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Service & Maintenance

Whether you need specific services carried out by an individual technician or a complete team, we have exactly the kind of professionals to match your task. Our extensive experience covers wind turbines from all major manufacturers and includes both retrofit tasks and scheduled service and maintenance.

Over the last decade, we have developed from being a labour hiring company to being a specialized solution provider for the industry across the globe. We serve all wind turbine models from all major OEM´s and beyond.

We offer and execute complete packages for full- or split tasks on hourly rates including AÜG contracts. Depending on your project and needs we supply everything from basic technicians and educated electricians to team lead technicians, MV-&HV technicians, Rope Access, Statutory Inspectors, Pad / Site Leads to Site- and Project Management.

To help reducing your risk and manage interfaces, allowing you to focus on your core business we also offer full service and maintenance packages under lumpsum contracts.

Service highlights 2020

96 Projects
+15 Countries
271,397 Hours of work

Major Component failure or regular exchange?

We know that sometimes major components need repair or to be exchanged. Through our many years of experience we have built a strong skills-base and know-how within this field.

As a result, we provide tailored solutions upon individual needs ranging from the support with experienced technicians up to large scale all-inclusive packages such as: Full MCE team, Site Manager & tooling, Crane, Transport, and overall Project Management

T.Puchta, Romania

A comprehensive offer of wind turbine service activities

All below activities can, upon your request and / or best fit for all parties be combined, extended, and adjusted to the individual need – get in touch with us to set the right package for your project.

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Our offer within Statutory Inspections and Repair works is extensive. We have a full department devoted to nothing but this.

All our work is carried out following the highest standards. We are full member and fully accredited by LEEA and UKAS, which is your guarantee for a continuous high quality and standard at all times.

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We do quality checks for you after the installation process has finished. 

First Maintenance / Break in Maintenance (torque & greece) after Installation

Annual / bi-annual maintenance

Sometimes you can't plan the service and maintenance work as unforeseen things happen.

With Global Wind Service as your partner, we help you with any unplanned maintenance of individual components or complete turbines. 

Blade(s) in SBI or FRL mode




Blade & Main bearings

High- and low speed shafts


Converters / HV & MV switches

Disassembly and Re-Installation of (partly burned) turbines


Brake discs and pads

Cable exchange (control-, MV, HV)

HSS bearing refurbishment

CMS / Sensors




Warehouse Coordinators / Goods receiver

Site Medics

Heavy Lifting Supervisors

Slinger and Banksmen

Service Supervisors

Installation Supervisors


Trouble shooters

MT´s(L5) / (L)AT

Can we help you with anything else?

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