Bringing new life to aging wind turbines

Wind turbine repowering is all about getting the maximum value from the initial investment.

Replacing aging, generally smaller wind turbines and turbine parts with new and more efficient units leads to higher capacity and more efficient turbines, significantly increasing the amount of energy generated from a given wind farm. Power production increases as wind farm lifetime is extended.

2022 Re-Power Highlights

117 turbines upgraded
2 Large projects

We take full responsibility of the projects, including project management, cranes, manning and tools. How can we help you with your next project?


Great complexity requires great skills

Repowering is a complex process that requires the ability to blend new technology and equipment with aging machines – sometimes from different manufacturers. Projects may include

  • increasing the turbine tower height
  • installing a larger rotor
  • upgrading gearboxes (generators), hubs, drive trains, main bearing assembly or the whole nacelle
2021 AG Ospeldijk NL1
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Our experience talks for itself

Our many years of turbine installation and service of all major turbine makes and models makes us the ideal partner for your repowering project.

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