Global Wind Service (GWS) has a long track record in delivering safe and flexible manpower solutions for wind industry clients all over the world. Our wide range of competences provides them with a one stop solution for onshore or offshore work.

Exceeding our customers’ expectations is all about choosing the right people for the job, and supporting them with proven processes and a strong, experienced project management team. Our experience and in-depth understanding of the wind industry, together with our ability to take total responsibility for each job, contributes added value for our clients on each project, ensuring efficiency and reducing risk.

Our wide-ranging offer in onshore and offshore wind turbine installation and service supports our customers’ goal to meet and exceed the expectations of their clients.


Global Wind Service (GWS) has offered onshore and offshore installation services since 2008, and has an impressive  track record within onshore and offshore installations and service. Wind turbine installation is the cornerstone of our business and includes everything from pre-assembly, mechanical and electrical installation and completion to project and site management and HSEQ.

We adopt the solution preferred by our clients, supporting this either with individual technicians or full teams as required. We can work under a client’s management structure on site or take on the full scope of responsibility ourselves, including transport and craning.

GWS has experience of all the main wind turbine models from the different manufacturers and has worked on a broad range of foundation solutions from a standard pedestal foundation to hybrid towers.

Our experience and competences in installation includes:

  • Transport of wind turbine components
  • Craning of wind turbine components
  • Loading/unloading and receiving
  • Installation
  • Cable work and testing
  • Installation and service lift
  • Crew transfer planning and execution
  • Hang-off and termination
  • Health & safety management
  • Commissioning
  • Pre-assembly
  • Site management
  • Sub-stations (including HV)
  • Transformer installation (including HV)

High Voltage

Global Wind Service (GWS) and DELPRO have joined forces to form joint venture DELPRO Wind, offering a wealth of high voltage expertise to clients in the wind industry. With more than 15 years of experience in high and medium voltage installations, more than 100 employees and a well proven back office, DELPRO is the perfect match for GWS’ strong track record in onshore and offshore wind projects.
DELPRO Wind offers service, installation and commissioning of the HV, MV and LV equipment for offshore and onshore wind farms.

We are a registered Achilles UVDB and Connexio supplier for wind farm construction and wind power plant services, and our services include:

  • Installation of transformers
  • Inspection of switchgear and transformers
  • Erection of MV switchgear 10 – 36 kV: Ormazabal, Siemens, ABB, Alstom
  • Test of control signals to/from: switchgear, transformers, smoke detectors, temperature, pressure, oil level, SF6 gas

Operations & Maintenance

Wind turbine service is a key competence for Global Wind Service (GWS), and our track record in O&M is extensive. We offer specific services on an individual technician level for special projects or complete service teams with project management and full-scope solutions. Our experience covers wind turbine models from all major manufactures and includes both retrofit tasks and scheduled service and maintenance.

Our experience and competences in service includes:


First maintenance and annual service

  • Blade inspection and repair
  • Bolt torque and tension
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Oil and grease replacement
  • Electrical systems
  • Statutory testing of turbine mounted safety equipment
  • Statutory testing on hoisting equipment and lifts
  • Tower inspection and repair

Retrofit works

  • Electrical systems
  • Gearbox replacement
  • Generator replacement
  • HSE retrofits
  • Inspection and repair of blade and blade bearings
  • Lifting equipment and hoists
  • Upgrading wind turbines to the highest safety standards

Full-scope operation

  • Crew transfer
  • Refurbishment of drivetrain, gearboxes, generators (mechanical), hub and hub bearing covers, main bearings, shafts and yaw gearbox
  • Pre-assembly and loading
  • Service and retrofit
  • Site management

Blade Inspection & Repair

Global Wind Service (GWS) offers more than 10 years of experience, over 500,000 hours of blade work and team of over 100 specialised blade technicians for onshore and offshore blade repairs and servicing.
Regardless of the size of your project, Global Wind Service offers the complete package of blade services for both on and offshore wind farms. This includes everything from inspections, cleaning and painting to complex structural repairs and application of leading edge protection technologies.

As experts in blade repair and service we have participated in leading edge maintenance campaigns for many years and have built up competences with all the current protection technologies.
Our wide-ranging expertise covers all major wind turbine models and includes both retrofit work as well as scheduled service and maintenance.

We offer everything from specific services on an individual technician level, to complete service teams with project management and full-scope solutions.

Rope Access

For quick access and high mobility, we use rope access on low complexity projects. This method secures a more speedy process, requires less preparation and is ultimately a less costly method compared to the use of
platforms. All of our rope access works are of course carried out in accordance with IRATA guidelines and all our specialised technicians are trained accordingly.


For the more complex and time-consuming works we use platforms, which allows us to work at the same spot for a longer time and to carry with us more tools.

Like in everything else we do, our focus lies on safety, quality, flexibility and having the right people with specialised competences. Combined with our vast experience this makes us your ideal partner for blade repair and service.

Jack-up vessels

Adding to this, Global Wind Service has experience working from jack-up installation vessels offshore. We can deliver full repair teams or provide you with a turnkey package solution covering the complete scope of your blade campaign.

Together with our related company, Fred. Olsen Windcarrier, we have developed a unique model for offshore blade exchange and repair directly from the vessel while

Statutory Inspection & Repair

Global Wind Service offer full-scope statutory inspection services for all types of wind farms and wind farm projects. Our multi-disciplined inspectors are trained to inspect a wide range of different equipment. Depending on your needs, we can combine the inspections with repair or maintenance work. This will effectively reduce down-time and prevent increased costs of return visits.

Our inspections are carried out in accordance with LEEA and UKAS guidance. Read more about our certifications and accreditation here.

Global Wind Service offer inspection and repair on:

  • Davit Cranes – Granada / Palfinger / Seasight
  • Nacelle Cranes – Palfinger / HMF / HIAB
  • Lifts – Skyman / Avanti / Power Climber / Goracon
  • TMSE (Turbine Mounted Safety Equipment)
  • Anchor Points
  • Fire Extinguishers’
  • Tower Ladders and Ladder Fall Arrest Systems
  • All Lifting Equipment and Lifting Accessories
  • Personal Protective Equipment


To carry out our inspection we primarily use Kinetic Corporate Software – a system that has a proven track record on Offshore Sites. It offers a client overview via an online portal with real time inspection reporting provided by technician tablets. Though the system we generate certificates and defect reports for you.

Repowering and Life Extension of wind turbines

Wind turbine repowering is the process of replacing aging, generally smaller wind turbines and turbine parts with new and more efficient units. This leads to higher capacity and more efficient turbines, significantly increasing the amount of energy generated from a given wind farm. As such, power production goes up while extending wind farm lifetime.

Repowering existing wind turbine technology is a complex process that requires the ability to blend new upgraded technology and equipment with aging machines – sometimes even of different manufacturers. Projects may include increasing the turbine tower height, installing a larger rotor, upgrading gearboxes (generators), hubs, drive trains, main bearing assembly or the whole nacelle.

Our many years of turbine installation and service of all major turbine makes and models has given us extensive knowledge about the turbines, making us the ideal partner for your repowering project.

At Global Wind Service we offer complete repowering and life extension services for all types of wind turbines.