Statutory Inspection GWS

Statutory Inspection and Repair Services

Our offer within Statutory Inspections and Repair works is extensive. We have a full department devoted to nothing but this.

All our work is carried out following the highest standards. We are full member and fully accredited by LEEA and UKAS, which is your guarantee for a continuous high quality and standard at all times.

You can read more about our memberships and accreditation here

Statutory Inspection GWS1

We offer full-scope statutory inspection services for all types of wind farms and wind projects

Our multi-disciplined inspectors are trained to inspect a wide range of different equipment.

Depending on your needs, we can combine the inspections with repair or maintenance work.

This will effectively reduce down-time and costs of return visits.

To carry out our inspection we primarily use Kinetic Corporate Software – a system that has a proven track record on offshore sites.

It offers a client overview with real time inspection data provided by the technicians’ tablets.

The system generates certificates and reports on defects for you.


We offer inspection and repair on:

  • Davit Cranes (Granada/Palfinger/Seasight)
  • Nacelle Cranes (Palfinger/HMF/HIAB)
  • Lifts (Skyman/Avanti/Power Climber/Goracon)
  • TMSE (Turbine Mounted Safety Equipment)
  • Anchor Points
  • Fire Extinguishers’
  • Tower Ladders and Ladder Fall Arrest Systems
  • All Lifting Equipment and Lifting Accessories


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