GWS Entry Program

The question 'How to become a Wind Turbine Technician?' leads to the GWS Academy in Dobra (Szczecin, Poland). We start there with you from series of comprehensive introduction trainings to the wind industry, after which you can start working with us on Onshore Wind Farm Installations.

What do we offer within the Entry Program?

2 weeks of wind industry trainings, conducted by instructors with field experience for groups of selected candidates from all over Europe

• catering, and for non-residents also: daily allowances + accommodation next to the Academy

• unique opportunity to start a career in one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy worldwide

contract with GWS from the 1st day of the Program

Your main tasks while working on projects will be:

Work acc. to the specifics of a team to which you will be assigned, based on the results of the Entry Program (e.g. pre-assembly / main installation / finishing)

• Following the work instructions and the orders from the leader/ site manager

• Participation in toolboxes and GWS campaigns

• Further learning process "in action", on site under the supervision of experienced technicians

• At every step: care for safety and the highest quality of work

Location: Europe, Zachodniopomorskie, Poland
Category: Construction
Department: Onshore Technicians
Experience: Entry level
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Who is the ideal candidate for Wind Turbine Technician role?

  • Has technical skills and interests (e.g. in mechanics, electrics, automotive, energy, construction)
  • Education profile: mechanical, electrical, mechatronics or related
  • Is fit to work and is not afraid of heights
  • Likes to travel – is ready to work abroad in rotations: 6 weeks x 2 weeks.
  • Speaks English – is ready to participate in a job interview and training in English
  • Has both – valid and active – driving license cat. B and passport
  • Likes to work in a team and is open to meeting new people
  • Is ready to learn a new profession from scratches


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