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Are you interested in a career change and exploring the wind industry as a wind turbine technician? Look no further! Global Wind Service's Entry Level Program is the perfect opportunity for you. Join our team of experienced instructors in a structured 2-week training program and start your journey in one of the fastest-growing industries. Find out more about the program and requirements. Get inspired and take the first step to start your new career!

Who is the ideal candidate for the Entry Level Program?

Global Wind Service’s (GWS) Entry Level program is made for people with a good technical background from another industry who sees the wind industry as a future career opportunity. You might wonder what can be considered a “technical background from another industry?” All relevant candidates should have proven knowledge/experience in areas such as automobile mechanics, the hydraulics field, the electrical industry, oil and gas, the army, etc.

There are other requirements that you must meet in order to be eligible for this program such as a certain level of physical fitness and not being afraid to working in heights. A job as wind turbine technician is perfect for travel lovers since you will be working abroad on rotations. Good English skills are also a basic requirement and finally you need to be ready to learn a new profession from scratch, in one of the fastest-growing industries worldwide.

What will you find at the Entry Program?

The program consists of a 2-week structured program of wind industry training led by experienced instructors for the selected candidates from all over Europe. During that period, we make sure you have the essentials needed (i.e. catering). This is to make sure, that your training process is as effective as possible. From the first day of the Program, you will have a contract with GWS.

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Find the answer to some of our FAQ on the list below
What is a Wind Turbine Technician?

A wind turbine technician is responsible for the assembly, installation, inspection, maintenance, and repair of wind turbines both onshore and offshore. There are different kinds of technicians with specialty in either installation, maintenance or blades as well as offshore/onshore. Some technicians have skills within more areas.
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How to become a Global Wind Service technician?
  • With experience – If you already have experience, you can go to our open positions page for available positions, and submit your application and resume through our online portal. Our recruitment team will contact you if your qualifications match our requirements.
  • Without experience – If you never worked as a wind turbine technician, but you maybe have experience in a relevant field (mechanic, renewable energies, electrician, military, oil, petrol, etc), you can apply to our GWS Entry Level Program, and learn a new profession from scratch.
What do wind turbine technicians do?

There are different types of wind turbine technicians; Installation technicians are involved in tasks like pre-assembly, preparation of towers, nacelles, electrical systems, hubs, and blades as well as installation of them. Service/maintenance or Blade technicians perform various service, maintenance or blade related tasks such as 500-hour service, retrofit, major component exchange, blade repairs and exchange.

What skills do wind turbine technicians need?

To be able to work as a wind turbine technician you should have:

  • Be fit to work and not afraid of heights.
  • Have attention to detail.
  • Have great collaboration and teamwork skills.
  • Have the right technical skills from an education within mechanics, electric systems, energy, construction.
  • Valid wind industry courses.
  • Good English Skills.
  • Valid Driver’s License and passport.
Do wind turbine technicians have to travel?

As a wind turbine technician, you will travel much. As most often, wind turbines are located in more remote areas both onshore and offshore, is an essential that you are willing to travel to different countries and parts of the world.

Is working on a wind turbine Safe?

Working with big components like wind turbine parts, with electrical systems, and in heights or via ropes of course does not come without risk. However, we have strict protocols and procedures to keep you safe, ensure the right PPE (person protective equipment), as well as actively promote a culture of strong safety awareness.  

What are the benefits of being a wind turbine technician?

At Global Wind Service, the benefits of being a wind technician are a salary with many components and allowances, long-term contracts, working in a multinational company, a stable working environment with work throughout the year, full equipment and protective clothing necessary for your daily tasks, accommodation and hotel are also taken care by us.

What are the job opportunities and progression for a Wind Turbine Technician?

With the right attitude and skills, starting as a Wind Turbine Technician you can be promoted to a Team Leader or Site Administrator, you can also move on to other fields such as HSEQ and take on the role as HSE Field Officer or QA.
Example: An Onshore profile transfers to Offshore or Service.

What is the job outlook for Wind Turbine Technicians?

According to different studies, between 2021-2031 it is expected to grow by 44%. Much faster than average, which shows how favourable the job outlook is for this profession. The industry is expected to need additional 1900 technicians every year from 2021 to 2031.

How long does it take to become a wind turbine technician?

Although the majority of wind turbine technicians learn their craft through technical courses, if you already have a technical background from another industry: (mechanic, renewable energies, electrician, military, oil, gas, etc.), with our GWS Entry Level Program, you can become a Wind Turbine Technician in 2 weeks, which is the length of the training program. After this, you go to site to learn more.