Site Manager - Offshore Pre-Assembly

The Site Manager acts as the overall responsible on a Global Wind Service (GWS) site, and will form the link between GWS management, Project team (PM), customer and the site organization as the primary GWS representative on site.

The Site Manager must act as a role model in all HSEQ matters, and through the position, set an example of how to live the values of GWS, as well as uphold all the policies, procedures, national laws and regulations.

The site manager must support the team leads on site, by providing them with delegation of tasks, direction and support in their personal development and in the delivery of the highest level of safety and quality of work.

Location: Szczecin, Zachodniopomorskie, Poland
Category: Energy
Department: Offshore Technicians
Experience: Experienced
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The responsibilities for the Site Manager position are listed within three primary areas of responsibilities:


  • Responsible for being the primary contact hub on site.
  • Responsible for reporting of safety issues.
  • Responsible for preparing documentation for work to carried out.
  • Responsible for day to day reporting and communication to customer site team.
  • Responsible for timely reporting to the Project Manager on progress, challenges, non-conformities and helping to initiate and implement corrective and preventive actions, progress views, snagging lists.
  • Responsible for preparing GWS and customer required documentation on site.
  • Responsible for recording all waiting time, standby time, additional work outside contractual scope.
  • Responsible for all On site GWS equipment (PPE, tools, cars etc.).
  • Responsible for providing HSEQ incident reports for GWS’ as well as client systems.


  • Responsible for all HSEQ at site including monitoring and implementing relevant measures.
  • Responsible for daily coordination and supervision of the execution of the work.
  • Responsible for compliance with applicable safety regulations, contract and other obligations throughout the project.
  • Responsible for all work to be completed in an organized way according to the contractual scope (time, finance and result) and according to the
  • Responsible for working towards the highest safety standards as described in GWS’ safety policies, procedures and instructions.
  • Responsible for planning the on-site work.
  • Responsible for performing daily site meeting (“toolbox talk”) before commencing the work.
  • Responsible for participating in Toolbox meetings / safety meetings held by the customer.
  • Responsible for optimizing project execution and methods.
  • Responsible for performing final walk down of turbines and hand over to the client site management.
  • Responsible for initiating the necessary actions for implementation of improvements of health & safety, environment and quality.
  • Responsible to ensure that Safety & Quality performance remain on a high level while the main site manager will be replaced or will be covered during rotation.
    • o A written and verbal handover between the site managers need to be in place where all site related topics are covered (f.e. Safety, Quality, progress, open discussions etc.)
    • o An interim Site Manager will act and behave as if it is his own site and don’t act that “it’s not my problem”


  • Responsible for preparing employee assessments.
  • Responsible for supporting and guiding the team leads on site, in regards to their administration, operational and people responsibilities.
  • Responsible for the overall team performance on site.

Essential skills to be trained and developed for the Site Manager position:

Technical skills

  • Technical knowledge on the specific wind turbine generator platform, and know their functions.

Leadership skills

  • Understanding of motivational factors within teams and individuals.
  • Understanding of interpersonal conflicts, and ability to handle basic conflict management on the site.
  • Understanding of the different personality types in teams, including personal preferences.
  • Ability to foster an open, effective and respectful communication on the site.
  • Ability to provide constructive feedback to individuals and teams.
  • Ability to assign and delegate tasks to teams and individuals on site.

Task Management skills

  • Ability to plan the overall workload on site, and a daily and weekly basis.
  • Ability to brief and delegate to site organization and team leads.
  • Ability to execute the task according to the plan.
  • Ability to debrief the teams, capture and share vital lessons learned, for the site and for GWS database.

Additional personal skills

  • Basic IT knowledge (MS Office)
  • Language (English, project specific)
  • Understanding of PM processes

Qualification required

  • Mechanical or Electrical background, good knowledge of the wind turbine generator platform and assembly.
  • Global Wind Organisation - Fire awareness.
  • Global Wind Organisation - Working at Height.
  • Global Wind Organisation - Manual Handling.
  • Electrical Awareness.
  • Global Wind Organisation - First aid.
  • Manufacturer-specific training.
  • Medical certificate.
  • Lift User Training.

Drivers license, passport and certificate of conduct