Investing in Women's Success in the Wind Industry

Celebrating International Women’s Day this year, we spotlight the infinite possibilities that come with a diverse workplace. At Global Wind Service (GWS), we honor the ethos of International Women's Day 2024, not only by recognizing the contributions women make to our industry and company but also by envisaging a future where equality is not an initiative, but a norm. A future without a focus on gender, but on talent, dedication, and passion. We spoke with our colleague Dominika Kulikowska about her journey in Global Wind Service and about inclusion and equality in wind industry.

A future wind industry with focus on collaborative growth

The wind industry has historically been highly dominated by the male gender. When asked about her thoughts on the “future in the wind industry” Dominika emphasizes the importance of equal opportunities, knowledge sharing, and collaborative growth. She advocates for a holistic approach that prioritizes collective progress and support without bias towards any gender. By championing gender-neutral support systems, she envisions a professional environment where:

  • Equal Opportunities are afforded to all, regardless of gender, enabling individuals to thrive and grow based on merit and capability.
  • Knowledge Sharing across genders fosters a culture of mutual learning and innovation, driving the industry forward.
  • Collaborative Growth becomes the norm, with individuals supporting each other's development, thereby enhancing overall organizational productivity.

Dominika's advocacy highlights a shift towards more gender diversity in the wind industry, contributing to a more diverse and dynamic workforce which ultimately drives innovation and growth. This approach not only enriches the industry with a variety of perspectives but also ensures a sustainable, progressive future for the wind industry.


Global Wind Service as employer of choice

When asked about what it is like, being an employer at Global Wind Service, Dominika feels she is seen for and evaluated based on her skills and results without any consideration about gender.  

Dominika highlights our inclusive culture of open and equal dialogue: “There is space for everyone to speak and share their perspective. The possibilities are endless if you know what you want, have purpose, knowledge and you are willing to work as a part of a team.”

There is space for everyone to speak and share their perspective...

Advice for future generations

The wind industry is set for a massive growth of the workforce and so we asked Dominika what advice she would give to future generations wanting to pursue a career in wind?

“Be confident and courageous in what you do and set measurable goals for yourself. Be passionate, enjoy the learning process and take on new challenges.

Climb mountains not so the world can see you, but so you can see the world."



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