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Global Wind Service Academy

To further develop and strengthen technicians' competences and to ensure that we have professionals with the right skills, we are proud to introduce our newly expanded training initiative – the GWS Academy.

People focus remains a cornerstone of the GWS strategy. An important part of this people’s focus is the continuous development of technicians, something which is now offered through GWS Academy.

The wind turbine installation market is rapidly growing, and so is the demand for highly skilled technicians. We believe in our joint responsibility within the industry to contribute to the maintenance and expansion of a competent workforce.

This is achieved by providing top-notch training not only to our existing employees but also to technicians from all backgrounds who are eager to pursue a successful career in the wind energy sector. Together, we can build a brighter future for the industry.

Highlights of 2022

+200 Training sessions
9 Entry Program - Sessions planed
+60 Technicians completed the GWS Entry Program

A prerequisite to successful operations on site is to ensure the right skills, mindset and DNA of our employees. With our Academy we take full responsibility for exactly that.

Michael høj Olsen, Chief Executive Officer

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Global set-up via our base in Poland

The Training Academy is based in Poland where different trainings are conducted. However, the facilities in Poland are meant as a base, as we will soon be able to conduct the trainings directly on site, via mobile set-ups.

The vision is based on the perception that being close to or in the actual environment gives a more safe and realistic training.  At the same time, it brings down the time spend on the training, reduces travel time, and help reduce our carbon footprint.

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