Global Wind Service secures Crossdykes installation

Nordex awarded Global Wind Service (GWS) with the installation of Crossdykes Wind Farm in Scotland

The scope includes installation and mechanical and electrical completion of 10 x Delta 4000 (N133/4.8 TS110) turbines – the first ever Delta 4000 turbines to be installed in the UK. The award of Crossdykes follows several successful projects for Nordex in the past, and most recently GWS’ work at Wieringermeer, Wieringermeer extension and Pomerania with installation works currently ongoing.


“We are very happy that Nordex has chosen us as their installation partner for this strategic project in Scotland, continuing our great relationship. It’s also an honor to install the first ever Delta 4000 turbines in the UK” said Lars Petersen, CCO at Global Wind Service.


“These are exciting times for Nordex UK and Ireland. The market demand and reaction for our optimised platform of Delta 4k and 5k turbines has been very positive. We are delighted that GWS are appointed on this project and look forward to the successful installation of our first Delta 4k turbines in the UK” said Craig Edwards, PM Tender Manager at Nordex UK Limited.  


The wind farm is located in Tundergarth, Lockerbie, in the south-western part of Scotland.

Nordex’s new Delta 4000 turbine is the fourth generation of Nordex’s multimegawatt platform. It has a rotor sweep of 13,935 square meters and a nominal output of 4.8 megawatts – as such the N133/4.8 turbine achieves an increase of up to 39 percent in yield compared with the previous models, and at the same time the sound levels have decreased to 104.5 dB(A).

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