15 years of Global Wind Service – Meet the people from the very beginning

As we celebrate the 15-year Anniversary of the Global Wind Service (GWS) this year, we also celebrate the individuals who have been instrumental in shaping our company. We spoke with some of our employees who’s been with us since the first year. Learn about the journeys of Michael, Przemek, and Marco, who, along with many others, are celebrating 15 years of working with us.

Global Wind Service (GWS) was founded in January 2008 with a mission to do things better and prioritize people above all. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, GWS has earned a reputation as a leading company and an exceptional workplace.

In this article, we reconnect with GWS's employees, who have dedicated 15 years of their lives to our company. Michael, Przemek, and Marco graciously share their remarkable journeys within GWS, highlighting the nurturing and supportive culture that has flourished over the years.

Why would I ever want to leave my home? That's how I see GWS in my life. It's my home.

Reflecting on his 15 years with GWS, Marco appreciates the unwavering support he has received throughout his journey, saying, "They have always had my back, no questions asked. I am truly grateful for that. I will always go above and beyond for the company."

"Throughout my time here, we have relocated our office five times due to our rapid growth. It's truly amazing"

Having reached the remarkable milestone of 15 years at GWS, Przemek acknowledges that time flies when you're passionate about your work. The dynamic nature of the business ensures he never experiences boredom, as each day presents new and exciting challenges. Moreover, there is a strong alignment between Przemek's core values and those of Global Wind Service. "It's crucial to me that my values align with the company's, making it easy to implement them in my daily work," he emphasizes. When it comes to offering advice to fellow colleagues or individuals aspiring to join GWS, Przemek firmly believes that cultivating strong relationships and placing a high value on people are crucial for achieving success within the company.

At GWS, colleagues become like family!

As Michael reflects on the growth of GWS, he acknowledges the notable transformations that have taken place. The company has experienced substantial expansion, transitioning from a close-knit group of fewer than 15 employees who were familiar with one another, to a current workforce of over 1700 individuals. However, amidst this exponential growth, he firmly believes that the fundamental principles and values of the company have remained unwavering.

When it comes to achieving success at GWS, Michael's advice is both straightforward and impactful: make safety your top priority in all your endeavours. Furthermore, he underscores the significance of effective communication and speaking up.

“At GWS, your voice is valued, and the company is dedicated to investing in its people” he says.


If you feel that Global Wind Service could be a place for you, explore the opportunities available here.

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