Global Wind Service awarded Lithuanian pipeline by GE Renewable Energy

GE Renewable Energy awarded Global Wind Service (GWS) with the installation and completion of 38 cypress turbines across multiple sites in Lithuania.

The award comes, based on the close and long-standing cooperation between the two companies, and the successful installation of the Cypress platform across other sites in Europe.

“We are very pleased that GE Renewable Energy has chosen us as their trusted partner for these projects. The Cypress platform is a good and powerful turbine type, which we have successfully installed on several other projects already. It will be a pleasure to install them now also in Lithuania. We are continuously expanding our business and entering new markets together with our clients.

This constant growth means that we are constantly taking onboard new colleagues. For these projects, it has been a goal to recruit locally to help create jobs as well as reducing our carbon footprint by having fever travels” said Lars Petersen, Chief Commercial Officer at Global Wind Service.


Work is scheduled to run throughout the year with work already started at the first site.