Global Wind Service Academy open for external business

Global Wind Service Academy was established in 2021 to take control over employee development and training and ensuring the right GWS mindset. Wind energy has never been more important than it is today and the need for skilled labor has rapidly increased.

Our commitment to building a greener tomorrow has driven us to extend our reach and offer our expertise not only to GWS employees but to everyone. The Academy offers cutting-edge trainings to aspiring professionals to help them get a start I the wind industry as well as experienced technicians in need of new skills or refreshers.

The trainings offered at Global Wind Service Academy cover GWO modules offering a comprehensive range of technical skillsets that are required to work in the wind energy industry.

“Our courses are designed to provide participants with not only theoretical knowledge but practical, hands-on experience as well. Our academy's teaching philosophy is deeply embedded in the ethos of Global Wind Service – to deliver more than just a certificate, but practical skills that enable individuals to excel in their roles” Aleksandra Gajewska-Niemyt, Head of GWS Academy adds.

... It's not just a training center; it's a community where connections are fostered, and careers take flight and I’m immensely proud to be a part of that!

The wind industry is a dynamic field that is experiencing rapid change and growth. We understand the importance of keeping our training programs current and relevant in line with the industry's ever-changing nature. Our courses are designed to integrate real-world insights and lessons learned from our projects to enable participants to get the hands-on experience that can only come from continuously learning.

At GWS Academy, we have experienced instructors who bring a wealth of expertise gained from years of hands-on work in the field. They familiarize participants with crucial skills needed in the industry.

Instructor Aleksander Golda says: “Teaching both current and future colleagues is a privilege. We set the bar high to ensure that those leaving our academy are fully equipped for the demands of their jobs. With smaller class sizes, we personalize the learning experience for each individual. It's not just a training center; it's a community where connections are fostered, and careers take flight and I’m immensely proud to be a part of that.”

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