First Aid NL

Three Global Wind Service technicians provides lifesaving first aid at serious car accident in Holland

A few months ago, we proudly published a story on the heroic actions of Global Wind Service (GWS) colleagues in Lithuania providing first aid to a local citizen in distress. The fact that our employees take responsibility and action in moments of distress and emergency makes us very proud and it speaks to the character of our colleagues.

This weekend we proudly witnessed another heroic action – this time by three colleagues working on site in Holland.

Saturday morning there was a very serious accident on the A59 motorway in Holland. Only due to the swift actions and first aid performed by our three colleagues, the injured person survived the accident and the medics from the ambulance and trauma helicopter were able to take over from GWS team while the person was still alive.

“The GWS first aiders were able to put what they have learned during their trainings into action without hesitation. We, at Nordex Group is therefore very proud of these heroic actions of the three men from GWS. We all should be proud of these three guys, their performance and professionalism said Don Michael van de Velde, Site HSE Manager at Nordex Group.

A big thank you to our guys for their action and effort and our client Nordex Group, who took the time to talk the incident through with our team, to make sure that they were al alright both physically and mentally. This effort is greatly appreciated,


At GWS, all technicians have GWO basic Safety Training which includes first aid training. Refresher training is mandatory every second year, to always keep this top of mind.

The recent establishment of the Global Wind Service Training Academy manifests the high importance of Training and Safety. Providing trainings inhouse ensures the right skills, competences, and mindset in terms of safety and quality.

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