From Military to the Wind industry: Inspiring Stories of career transitions at Global Wind Service

This series collects the stories of GWS colleagues, with different backgrounds and nationalities who all made the transition from the military to the wind industry.

Ex Militaries in the Wind Industry

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, there are over 10,000 veterans currently working in the wind industry, making up 9% of the total workforce, while the 2nd fastest-growing job in America .

In the meantime, the European sector is facing a demand for a minimum of 150,000 additional roles, pushing the current workforce of 300,000 to over 450,000 within the next 8 years.

At Global Wind Service, we are proud to have a strong team of ex-military professionals. They bring valuable skills and experience to various roles, ranging from technicians to back-office positions.

Wind turbine technicians have become a critical part of the wind industry today. However, as demand grows the industry is facing a shortage of skilled labor i.e. technicians. At Global Wind Service (GWS) we believe we all have a shared responsibility to bring in new colleagues to the industry.

One of the ways of doing that is by supporting the transfer of people from other industries with transferable skills. One of these industries could be the Military.

We are dedicated to supporting ex-military personnel in their transition to civilian careers. In the UK alone, over 14.000 personnel end their military service every year. That’s why we participate in various events and job fairs to provide guidance and help them explore potential career paths.


"With GWS, you're accepted right away. As soon as you step through the door, you become part of the family."

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