Global Wind Service technicians provides first aid to local citizen in Lithuania

Working as a wind turbine technician requires first aid training in case of injury on site. But being a trained first aider also comes with a responsibility when not on site. Therefore, it was only natural for our team to come to rescue when coming across a local citizen in distress. The team was on their way to site in Lithuania, and saw a person was lying on the street, face down and surrounded by blood. They stopped the car, assessed the situation, and provided first aid until the ambulance came.

A big thank you to our guys for their action and effort and our client GE Renewable Energy, who gave the team a safety award for their actions.


“This sort of action is exactly the behaviour we expect and nurture within Global Wind Service. It lies deep within company DNA to always behave in a safe and thoughtful manner and to care for both colleagues and our surroundings. Safety is a top priority for us and deeply rooted within the whole organisation” said Jan Hutzen Andersen, Director HSEQ at Global Wind Service.

At GWS, all technicians have GWO basic Safety Training which includes first aid training. Refresher training is mandatory every second year, to always keep this front of mind.

The recent establishment of the Global Wind Service Training Academy manifests the high importance of Training and Safety. Providing trainings inhouse ensures the right skills, competences, and mindset in terms of safety and quality.

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