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GWS Academy achieves certification for GWO BTT Bolt Tightening Training as first in the European Union

After more than a year of relentless dedication, Global Wind Service Academy has successfully obtained certification as the 2nd Training Provider in the world to deliver the GWO BTT Bolt Tightening Training, and the first in all of the European Union. This great accomplishment showcases the commitment to training excellence at GWS Academy.

Commenting on the certification, Aleksandra Gajewska-Niemyt, Head of GWS Academy said: “At GWS Academy, we firmly believe that this certification is a testament to the exceptional efforts of our dedicated team. We are immensely proud of their unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier training and maintaining our position as a global frontrunner”

The GWO BTT Bolt Tightening Training module holds paramount importance in enhancing safety and upholding quality standards when utilizing energy-powered tools and accessories within the wind sector. Through this comprehensive program, we provide technicians with invaluable knowledge and skills that not only promote safe and accurate bolt tightening practices but also encompass essential aspects such as planning, documentation, and task review. By employing scenario-based training methodologies, we ensure our participants are well-prepared to handle company-specific bolt tightening requirements.


At GWS Academy, we firmly believe that this certification is a testament to the exceptional efforts of our dedicated team...

Upon completion of the GWO Basic Technical Training (BTT), our graduates possess a profound understanding of the hazards associated with hydraulic, mechanical, electrical, and installation systems, particularly when working with energy-powered bolt tightening tools. They acquire the expertise necessary to effectively control and mitigate these hazards, equipping them for onshore and offshore wind power endeavors.

For every technician operating within the wind industry, this certification holds tremendous significance. It signifies our commitment to equipping professionals with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in their roles, while ensuring the utmost safety and quality standards are met.

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