Serkan - GWS

Making a career in Global Wind Service – from Technician to Back Office

Meet our colleague Serkan Rahimoglu from Turkey and read the story about his career development in Global Wind Service.

Serkan started his career in Global Wind Service (GWS) in 2010. Back then, he was working as a Wind Turbine Technician travelling to and from different sites installing wind turbines. Three years later, resulting from his hard work and performance, Serkan was promoted to Supervisor and just two years after he was promoted Site Manager. During Summer 2020, Serkan took another career step as he accepted a position as a Project Coordinator in our Turkish office in Istanbul after 5 years as a Site Manager.

Working as a Project Coordinator involves organizing all project related tasks such as booking of cars and tools, travel arrangements, accommodation and much more.


You have been promoted numerous times now – what made you take the step from a field job to an office position?

“I want to keep developing myself, so taking on this position was a natural next step for me, and I haven’t regretted it for one day. My goal was to manage a European project which I have already done a few times now.”


What is it like to move from working in the field to now working in an office every day?

“I used to focus just on one project when working on site but being in the office now allows me to see the bigger picture which gives me a whole new perspective. The only thing I sometimes miss is having a more active working day.”


Hakan, how would you describe Serkan and his career in GWS?

“Serkan, is now quite a GWS veteran. He has always been hardworking and flexible. His eagerness and commitment is outstanding. He adapts to all changes coming his way with happiness, and respect. This can-do and loyal mentality has been key to his success and promotions throughout the years. I’m very happy to have Serkan as part of my team in Turkey.”  Hakan Çağlayan, Area Manager Turkey

Serkan office - GWS

For you, what makes GWS a good place to work?

“I like that we all take care of each other and help each other out. I feel valued and that my work makes a difference and that is a really good feeling, and motivation. 

I really love my job. On my first day working for GWS I was super excited and enthusiastic – looking back now, I have never lost that feeling and when the workday ends I never know how to stop and sometimes wish the day were just starting instead of ending.

For me, the international environment is quite appealing and if you work hard and perform well, there are really great career opportunities within GWS. Just look at me, starting as a Technician and now working as a Project Coordinator. Maybe one day I will get to be Project Manager; only time will tell.”


When Serkan is not working he likes to travel with his wife Banu – especially to the seaside.