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Mirela's Journey at GWS - Empowering Women in the Wind Industry

Global Wind Service (GWS) is committed to supporting diversity and inclusion in the workplace. For us it is part of Being a Great Place to Work, which is one of our strategic priorities. We talked to Mirela, one of our technicians from our Spanish business unit, and one of the first female technicians with an IRATA Training license back in 2009, about her career journey and why she likes working at Global Wind Service.

If you want to do it be brave and try it - 

Be open minded...

Mirela's Journey: Overcoming Obstacles in the Wind Industry

Mirela started her career at a blade factory in the year 2000, where she repaired and prepared blades for 6.5 years. In 2006, she had the opportunity to go on-site, and from there, her career as a blade repair technician started being part of the biggest wind farm installation project in Europe, in 2011.

Mirela’s good performance did not go unnoticed, catching the attention of GWS in 2017, and she was immediately drawn to the opportunities for growth and development in the company.

As a woman in a male-dominated industry, Mirela faced many challenges in the past, but she was determined and continued to progress in her career. She says, "I always wanted to know more and pursue more. I feel like I’m very good, happy, and fulfilled at this job. I feel part of something."

Women in the Wind Industry: Challenges and Opportunities

Despite the growing demand for skilled technicians in the wind industry, women remain underrepresented in the field. According to the IRENA’s Gender Perspective Report, women make up only 21% of the wind energy workforce. Women in the wind industry face many challenges, such as gender bias and a lack of representation, but there are also many opportunities available to them. Increasing gender diversity in the workplace can lead to a more productive and innovative workforce.

However, for many women it might be difficult to imagine themselves working in the wind industry, if not in an office position:

“Our physiology might not be a perfect match for a job as a wind turbine technician, as it requires a lot of heavy lifting. But what I think many women need to understand, is that not all technicians have positions that require this physical strength. Some positions require a very good eye for details or great fine motor skills. Something that many women process and could easily use in the wind industry on site. It could be as a blade technician, working with quality inspection or HSE. Also, the role as site administrator where you need to keep track of the project could be ideal for many women.” Mirela says.  

She believes it is very important to share stories like this and others, to highlight the many possibilities for women within this industry in order to attract more female colleagues.


If Mirela's story inspired you and you are considering a career in the wind industry, she leaves this advice:

“If you want to do it be brave and try it. Be open minded. Ever since I joined this industry my working days are exciting, and dynamic. I can really see the impact of my work”.


Working in the wind industry offers many opportunities for professional development and growth. Global Wind Service is committed to supporting diversity in the workplace and providing opportunities for women to succeed in the field.

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