Marian - GWS Site Manager

Making a Career in Global Wind Service - Marian, Site Manager from Romania

We sat down with Marian, one of our Site Managers from Romania, to learn more about his job, his career, and his thoughts about working for Global Wind Service.

Marian, a motor sports and airsoft lover, joined Global Wind Service (GWS) in 2015. He started his career in GWS as a Wind Turbine Technician. Soon he was promoted to Electrical Supervisor, matching his educational background within Electrical Engineering - but his ascent didn't stop there. He accepted the challenge to become Site Manager Assistant and later Site Manager - the position he holds today.

In his job, he is very focused on creating a solid bridge between GWS and the clients, ensuring their continuous satisfaction. He supports the teams on site, providing them with direction and support about the tasks at hand to ensure delivery of the highest level of safety and quality of work.

One of the things Marian likes the most about his daily work, is the dynamics and the cooperation with different nationalities, which we have many of in GWS.


Marian - Site Manager GWS,2

We asked Marian what he enjoys most about working for GWS?


“There are a few things I would like to highlight, which means a lot to me. First of all, the people and team spirit – in GWS we put great effort into finding the right colleagues and we have this family-like feeling. We support and help each other – just like family. Also, we focus on people – the needs we have as individual employees and our development possibilities.   

The second thing I would like to highlight is the whole mindset about Safety and Quality. It’s a dangerous line of work, so safety is the most important thing for us. Something we feel as employees and which is backed by internal campaigns and awareness.

Also, working for GWS means great focus on Quality and efficiency – at the end the day, if we don’t deliver a continuous high quality, eventually, we won’t have any work. But it’s just part of our DNA, to be meticulous about our tasks and to take pride in delivering a good job, without compromising on safety.”

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