Noredx N131 3000 Location Germany 2 Scaled

Nordex Group awards Global Wind Service additional work in the Netherlands

Following the successful work at Wieringermeer and Wieringermeer Extension in the Netherlands, Nordex Group has awarded Global Wind Service (GWS) with more work in the country.

GWS has been awarded part of the installation scope for De Drentse Monden en Oostermoer (DMO) wind farm, south-east of Groningen consisting of the N131/3900 TS145 Delta platform. In addition to this, GWS service technicians will perform 500-hour service and maintenance on all 44 turbines.

Furthermore, GWS has been awarded installation of Moerdijk wind farm as well. A 27 MW project comprising 7 x N131/3900 TS114 turbines. The wind farm is installed in the port and industrial area in Moerdijk, south of Rotterdam.

“Our engagement and work for Nordex has grown steadily the past few years and with the award of DMO and Moerdijk, we have installed around 100 turbines for Nordex in Holland in 2019-2020. This is something we can really be proud of and we are looking forward to continuing our close and long-term partnership with Nordex and help contributing to a greener environment” said Lars Petersen, CCO at Global Wind Service.


Photo Credit: Nordex

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