WTG Electrical Technicians & Team Leaders

WTG Electrical Technicians & Team Leaders - Senvion 6XM / SGRE 3.6MW

Due to recent prestigious Service & Maintenance project award, Global Wind Service is seeking experienced WTG Electrical Technicians and Team Leaders to join our Offshore team in Germany and the UK. As a WTG Electrical Technician, you will play a crucial role in the annual maintenance and troubleshooting of Senvion 6XM and SGRE 3.6MW wind turbines.


  • Perform routine maintenance and troubleshooting on Senvion 6XM and SGRE 3.6MW wind turbines
  • Conduct inspections and identify any potential issues or defects
  • Repair or replace faulty components to ensure optimal turbine performance
  • Collaborate with the team to ensure efficient and safe operations
  • Adhere to all safety guidelines and protocols
  • Maintain accurate documentation of maintenance activities


  • Prior experience as a WTG Service Technician, preferably with Senvion 6XM or SGRE 3.6MW turbines
  • Strong technical knowledge of wind turbine systems and components
  • Ability to read and interpret technical manuals and diagrams
  • Excellent problem-solving and troubleshooting skills
  • Physical fitness and ability to work at heights
  • Strong attention to detail and commitment to quality
  • Valid passport and driver's license

Location: Remote job
Category: Energy
Department: Service Technicians
Experience: Mid level
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  • Minimum of 2 years of experience as a Service Technician in the wind industry
  • Specific experience with Senvion 3XM/6XM or SGRE 3.6MW turbines is required
  • Electrically educated (Degree or Diploma)
  • EFK qualified
  • Strong technical knowledge of wind turbine systems and components
  • Ability to troubleshoot and repair mechanical and electrical issues
  • Proficient in reading and interpreting technical manuals and drawings
  • Excellent problem-solving and decision-making skills
  • Ability to work at heights and in challenging weather conditions
  • Strong commitment to safety protocols and procedures
  • Good communication and teamwork skills
  • Willingness to travel and work on a flexible schedule