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On November 3rd Global Wind Service (GWS) and MHI Vestas reached the halfway point at Horns Rev 3, when the installation of turbine number 25 was successfully completed by a team of skilled technicians from both companies, working from installation vessel Brave Tern. Work commenced at site in July.

GWS has been contracted by MHI Vestas Offshore Wind for the Installation as well as Mechanical and Electrical Completion scope.

The wind farm owned by Vattenfall stretches is established within an 88 square kilometre area, 29-44 kilometres west of Houstrup Strand on the Danish West Coast. It consists of 49 x V164-8.3 MW turbines delivered by MHI Vestas. The turbines have an impressive total height (including blade) of 187.1m, which is almost the length of two football fields. Once in operation the wind farm is expected power around 425,000 households with green energy.