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Global Wind Service A/S (GWS) and DELPRO A/S have founded DELPRO Wind A/S as a 50/50 joint venture. DELPRO Wind will be a Service and Installation provider in the onshore and offshore wind industry with a focus on High Voltage (HV) and Medium Voltage (MV) installation and service works.

By joining forces GWS and DELPRO Wind will offer total installation and service works to the global wind industry.DELPRO Wind A/S will have its headquarters at the same address as DELPRO A/S in Vamdrup, Denmark. GWS CEO Lars Petersen will be chairman of the board, and DELPRO CEO Jacob Rath will be CEO of DELPRO Wind.‘Over the last years GWS has experienced very positive growth in the wind industry with a focus on mechanical installation and service work. The next step in our growth is to be able to offer full service and installation concepts including MV & HV services to our customers in the wind industry. We are confident that this partnership with DELPRO will deliver the next important development for our companies and further enhance our offering to the global industry’, said GWS CEO Lars Petersen.Jacob Rath, CEO DELPRO: ‘DELPRO is very pleased to be playing a stronger role in the growing and changing wind market. We will maintain our focus on our core competencies in HV and MV works and by joining forces with GWS we will be a part of the growing market for total installation and service works in the wind industry’, said DELPRO CEO Jacob Rath.

For further information please contact:
Lars Petersen GWS CEO
Telephone: +45 2655 2569 Email:

Telephone: +45 4213 1000 Email:

About GWS
GWS plays a leading role in the global onshore and offshore wind industry providing mechanical installation and service works and project management services. GWS currently has 450 highly skilled technicians working globally from the headquarter in Fredericia, Denmark and from subsidiaries in The United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Romania, Turkey and South Africa.

DELPRO is a leading Danish supplier in the HV and MV market for wind turbines, cables and substations. DELPRO has currently 100 highly skilled HV technicians working from the headquarter in Vamdrup (near Kolding) Denmark, and from subsidiaries in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Aalborg in Denmark and from Cambridge in the UK.