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This week Global Wind Service (GWS) has been awarded the contracts to install GE wind turbines at the Fintinele and Cogelac wind parks in Romania. The project will start in earnest at the end of July 2012 and will consist of 5 x GE 2.5 turbines at the Fintinele site and a proportion of the 48 x GE 2.5 turbines at the Cogelac wind park.

The award of the new phase of the projects was given as a direct result of the excellent work GWS performed for the clients in 2011 and earlier this year so many thanks go to the previous installation team.

The projects will be managed from the GWS business unit in Constanta (Eastern Romania) which will supply both manpower and tooling.

The Romanian countryside can prove to be a very challenging work space so we wish our colleagues in Constanta the best of luck and hope that these projects will win GWS even more work in the future.